My First Blog Post

My First Blog Post

Hello dear friend,

This first post will be short and sweet.  See, this is the first time I'm posting a blog and really, it's just to dip my toe in the water and let you in on a little secret.  Before we get into all that, I want to tell you the story of what brought me to this place (the short version , of course).  Of where this journey began for me and how I ended up here, on the interwebs with you fine people, selling, what I consider to be, my art.

You must know, that every one of us have some sort of creative side.  Whether that is signing, painting, calculating and yes, even down to mowing the lawn.  For me, it started way back when I was a girl in El Paso, Texas.  My grandmother was an immigrant from Central America and knew that she needed to support herself and her family in her new adventure in the US.  She brought with her the ability to sew, and sew she did!  I remember spending late nights with her, while my mother helped sew sequin and beads on to wedding by one!  And she turned this into a successful business, supporting herself and her family.  Venturing out and expanding from wedding dresses, to creating an entire wedding experience through her craft.  From the dresses, to the cake to the table grandmother hustled like nobody I'd ever met!  She was a true inspiration.

That is what I hope to do here.  Not only show you my creations, but to inspire, teach and lead you to be the creator and, perhaps even, the entrepreneur you've always dreamed of.  And hey, if you want to teach me a thing or two, or three...well PLEASE DO!  If there is anything I have learned throughout this journey, is that you are always learning, pivoting, testing and trying new things. My way is not the end all be all of anything!  

So here's the plan for this blog:

  • I will be posting something new every week.  The topics will NOT be limited to what you see on my website.  I love to craft in every sense of the word.  So it it's something I've done, I want to share it with you.
  • Content will be a quick how to on a particular item.
  • We will have themes that will align with holidays and current times of the year.
  • To just have loads of fun and connect with people!

I hope you enjoy the ride with me!


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